The world is never so absolute, yet we network to bring ourselves to this absolute, and closer to our origin – of silence.

The teeth of the Gear spin. The language of silence ties itself to them. The Gear, whole and absolute, chained to nothing but also to the cycle of never-ending time. At the beginning of it is pure light, at the end pure darkness. The darkness becomes light and the cycle of the gear continues. Chained to nothing, absolute. But chained to time, immaterial. The seven teeth hold each themselves and the unit of Everything within. Everything held in something, absolute in immaterial.

My mortal mind is chained to nothing, chained to time, just as that of the Gear. Why can not I partake in the visions of others? Why do I have questions ask, if I too am part of the Gear? We are Everything, not the Gear. Naïve to our own knowledge, for we seek do also we realize that we do not know.