I’m unsure the purpose of this piece, perhaps just a stream of consciousness. I guess to sum up my thoughts: The pertinent factor of writing is the volition of people to change the world through words, and the pertinent idea of a “blog” is in many’s minds not. We could have changed the world with our words, but instead we fell into what we are today. It’s obvious enough as to why. I’d like to just talk about how far we’ve fallen and how we were. The solutions and purposes are up to you to put together.

So, here we are now. We’ve fallen. Let’s trace our steps back to the very beginning. In the beginning, there was light, and it was good. There was darkness and it shadowed our societies and still does it to this day. The genesis of the computer was much like our own. But we birthed it in a society that already existed, which was already composed of light and dark and that of which we knew was there. When we began using telecommunications to send each other things through the computer, we perhaps felt a sense of cleverness and pride. And soon followed the standardization of protocols and ultimately the grand unification now known as the Internet.

Decentralized, yet accessible from anywhere, by anyone. The pride of usage wore off and so we began to take pride in what we created with it. We began art. We created the new medium, and went with it where ever we possibly could imagine. At least in the eyes of us lowly humans, we had finally become as gods. But society, our cultures, our beliefs, our knowledge was realized here, with each other, within the constructs of our own. We had become as gods in a place which was already inside our own. The meta-medium already engulfed in evil could not help but engulf too itself. (I apologize for the purple prose, it’s just what’s in my mind as I write this.)

The new world of the Internet fell into despair as it was engulfed inside something it had no knowledge of. Something nobody could have prepared for, the waves of its own creators. The purposes of our new arts quickly wore off as we were forced back into a reality so harsh and ruled by greed. So as before it, we face now the reality we live in again, as it has become even in our new world. And such with the nature of greed we continue to be blinded by illusions of our freedom, or our sanctity, et cetera.

So because we find no pleasure in our arts anymore, so do blogs stop updating, so do comics, so do whatever other thing we brought upon our new world. We lose interest because our world is as shadowed and sad as the one it lives in. We in our lives have every chance and every possibility to fight it. Relentlessly chasing after a new era, some day we may break through.